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Wedding Industry Expect Php1B Growth

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Event planning and management in marriages and weddings is growing business in this country and is expected to go global soon.

Players in this business call this the wedding industry and they expect this to grow to over Php1Billion in the short term.

The Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PWAP) is helping the tourism industry, promoting tourism destinations, the PWAP leadership said.

Cost of weddings in the country go from Php500,000 to Php1 Million, PWAP president Liza Alviedo said.
Their entry to the global market is deliberate but slow, Alviedo said, adding that PWAP is joining trade fairs and expositions. Their first stop is in the Singapore at the Philippine Wedding Expo, a part of its global roadshows.
PWAP has established partnerships with upstart events companies for wedding expo in Singapore because of their shared vision of promoting the country’s wedding industry in the international market.

PWAP expect to sign up at least 150 contracts in the Singapore expo.

The association is supporting the Department of Tourism effort to promote the Philippines as the preferred wedding destination in the world even when its local market is reported have over 2,000 wedding events monthly.

The business in weddings could contribute to more economic activities. It has downstream business, especially inhiring of caterers, florists, musicians, photographers.

In a country where millions of its citizens are suffering economic difficulties, this report from the PWAP shows relief that solemnizing marriages continue to flourish and enjoy wide support.

The numbers pointed out by the PWAP cover only those who can afford their services. Multiply it a hundred fold and that’s the number of weddings all over this Christian country every month.