Public-key infrastructure

Technology for Direct Democracy

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by: Ike Señeres

DURING the ancient days of the Greek city states, they were able to practice direct democracy, because the small numbers of citizens made it possible for anyone to stand up and vote. Even when they elected their Senators, consultation with their lawmakers was still possible due to their small numbers. Fast forward to the present times, direct democracy became difficult to practice because of the larger number of citizens, but now, new technologies already make it possible.

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Because of the Electronic Commerce Act (ECA), electronic evidence is already admissible, and that includes the electronic signatures of natural persons. On that note, I would say that Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) and other authentication technologies are just high end options, because pre-registered Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards matched with Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) should also be admissible, enough to confirm the identities of their owners. #OpinYon #business

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