Tricia Gosingtian: Success Through Fashion Blogging

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Unlike other young entrepreneurs with a specific brand or product, Tricia Gosingtian does not have a physical product or merchandise to sell. The twenty-four-year-old calls herself a creative entrepreneur. Her success stems from the fact that she simply pursued her passions: freelance photography, modelling, styling, and blogging, alongside a string of other skills. These hobbies helped her develop her skills as an entrepreneur and a fashion trendsetter. She is now one of country’s highest paid bloggers. A successful high-traffic lifestyle blog can generate up to seven figures from an accumulation of advertising, product placements, reviews and other sources of online revenues.

A graduate of Ateneo de Manila with a degree in Fine Arts and a major in Information Design, Gosingtian built her company from her blog, Tricia Will Go Places. The reknowned fashion blogger modestly claims that the blog, and the business that followed, was born accidentally.

At a young age of 18, despite lack of formal training in photography, Tricia started taking photos related to her interest in fashion, beauty and culture. She knew that there are professional photographers who are more experienced in the field, but that did not stop her. Tricia took and posted fashion photos simply because she is passionate about them.

A newspaper hired her to do street fashion photography. In contrast to fashion designed by famous name designers in studios, street fashion is any style of clothing design that emerged from youth culture. A photographer usually goes exploring places in an urban center where young people congregate, such as parks, rock concert stadiums, music festivals, malls, and university campuses. The photographer then proceeds to spot people in the crowd who stand out based on their sense of fashion, and asks them if they do not mind having their pictures taken.

It was during her stint with the newspaper when Tricia decided to upload her photography work to her blog site. She shares, “Eventually, I wasn’t able to sustain it due to my busy schedule back in college, so I decided to just take my own personal style photos. And the rest just followed.” Tricia admits that she has always been a very active internet user ever since she was in high school. She was not expecting that her hobby will turn into a full-time business venture.

Being a fashionista who loves to collect clothes, Tricia thought of putting her clothes into good use. Her idea was to make a photo documentation of herself wearing the clothes that she loves. Essentially, she became her own photographer and model. Until now, she still posts photos of herself on her blog. Her sense of style and individuality has caught the imagination of young Filipinas all over the country, who look up to her for fashion ideas.

“I never really thought it could grow to something much bigger. I’ve always had a penchant for graphic design so I remember enjoying creating layouts for all my friends’ blogs and for my own blog. Photography came into my life some time back then, when I suddenly grew obsessed with deviantART and sharing my work in this wonderful art community, ” she says.

Tricia works with publications and brands who see her as the icon of youth fashion. It isn’t far from the truth, as the blog regularly features photos of Tricia in her latest fashion getups. She believes that she has a lot of creativity to share throughout Asia and the rest of the world. She calls her style as ‘sophisti-cute’, her own mix of her two influences, Japanese fashion and Western high street fashion.

Tricia finds unique sources for inspiration, beyond the realm of traditional fashion design. “In terms of fashion and photography, I was mostly influenced by Japanese magazines. I wanted to recreate that kind of soft lighting they always had in their photos, so I decided to pick up my own camera and try to produce the same results. Fashion-wise, I don’t strictly follow Western trends, but I do follow Japanese fashion religiously. Coincidentally, Japanese fashion also takes its roots from Western trends,” she observes.

Asked what important traits one must have to be successful, she answers, “Positivity breeds positivity. Nothing good can ever come out of surrounding yourself with negative people who say negative things all the time. Focusing on the positive things can help you look at life in a different, more meaningful way.” As to her definition of success, Tricia replies, “Success is relative! My definition of success doesn’t really have much to do with fame or money, but a lot with being able to carry out my dreams with the presence and support of my loved ones.”

How Fit Are You?

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TESTING your overall fitness level is easy and can be done without using any special equipment or machine. The following are some assessments you could do to know where you are now and how far you could go.

Check your weight 
Keeping your food intake and energy output in balance is the key to controlling weight. This means that weight loss is affected not just by what you eat but by the physical activity you are engaged in.

There is a standard height and weight chart for men and women to determine your healthy weight range.

Get your target heart rate 
By calculating your target heart rate, you would know how much effort you need to exert for your workout. Target Heart Rate (THR) is the heart rate you should maintain when you exercise. It is more accurate to get it during an aerobic activity.

Before calculating it, you need to determine your Resting Heart Rate (RHR). This can be taken manually at your wrist or neck.

When training, aim to keep your heart rate above 142 but below 170.75. If you train above your optimum zone, your body won’t be able to keep up with the demand for oxygen and you will be exhausted quickly. A workout that does not raise the heart rate to a certain level will not contribute significantly to a cardiovascular fitness.

Know your BMI
Body mass index (BMI) is a height-weight system of measurement that is applicable to all gender. It is a number that reflects the percentage of body fat in proportion to lean body mass. It determines if you are underweight or overweight.

Test your aerobic fitness
Aerobic fitness refers to endurance or the ability to sustain walking, running, swimming, or climbing uphill for prolonged periods. It is dependent on age and sex, and can be improved by training. It is highest at ages 18 to 19 years in males, and 15 to 20 years in females. It also decreases with age.

Determine your muscular fitness
Push-ups can help measure muscular strength. Do as many push-ups as you can until you need to take a rest. Count each time you return to the starting position as one push up.

Record the number of push-ups. The number is an indicator of your upper body and shoulder endurance and muscular strength. A low number would mean poor muscular strength and may lead to shoulder pain.

A good muscular fitness level allows an individual to perform tasks with less physiological stress and make everyday activities easier to do.

Check your flexibility 
Flexibility is the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion. It is affected by the condition of the joint and the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the joint. It is essential not only for sports engagement but also for daily activities. Persons who are not flexible are prone to injuries.

To check your flexibility, put a yardstick on the floor, and secure it by putting a tape at the fifteen inch mark. Place the soles of your feet even with the mark. Using you arms, reach towards your toes as far as you can, without bending your knees. The test gives you the idea of how flexible you are. –Jinoe Gavan for Unilab Active Health