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LGUs: Port Users Welcome To Do Business In Batangas

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The largest confederation of Manila-based port users are more than welcome to do business in the bustling port city of Batangas and contribute to the whole province’s growth by tapping into the modern international trade gateway Batangas Container Terminal (BCT).

This was personally assured by Batangas governor Vilma Santos Recto and Batangas City secretary to the mayor Atty. Reginald Dimacuha to the officers of the Port Users Confederation (PUC) during the group’s courtesy call to Batangas’ key local executives, recently.

At the meeting set by BCT operator Asian Terminals Inc., PUC officers, led by retired colonel Rodolfo de Ocampo told local executives that their group is seriously looking at the Port of Batangas as an alternative port for their shipments because of its strategic location, proximity to markets and its modern port facilities.

They also discussed matters of mutual concern and interest for PUC’s 17-member associations, including security for goods, trucks and other trade assets which were immediately considered by the local officials.

“A vibrant province and a modern port that facilitates trade and provides more livelihood opportunities for many Batangeños is what we truly want. Just as we are actively promoting Batangas as a safe, progressive and business-friendly haven for investors, you are most welcome here and are assured of our full support,” Recto told PUC.

Dimacuha echoed the same, saying that the city government is very much supportive of business enterprises wanting to operate in Batangas. “We want you to stay and locate here and we are willing to cooperate with you as we contribute to the development of the port city of Batangas,” he said.

De Ocampo stressed that as far as the port facilities, the roads and support of the local governments are concerned, PUC finds the Port of Batangas a viable alternative for its business.

Meanwhile, at the same meeting, ATI marketing manager Reginald Rivera reported to stakeholders that BCT has experienced exponential growth over the past year and has made significant strides in enticing more customers in the technology, manufacturing and other major industries to come on board. He said Batangas, Laguna and even industries south of Manila are now fully benefiting from BCT’s competitiveness.

“Based on this significant uptrend and good reception from our customers, and with the help of our partners in government and the LGUs, we are confident of getting additional international ship callers for BCT soonest,” Rivera said