Will the PH Finally Get an Oscar in 2014?

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by: Boy Villasanta

FILIPINO film buff Jonathan Catunao might not be your popular critic or Hollywood observer from a Third World poor country perspective but his reminders are no nonsense and sharp they could pass for rigid standards like Aristotle’s Poetics in film evaluation to the foreign language film nomination of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) which manages the annual Oscar Awards.


Catunao’s parameters in sending foreign films to Oscars seem to be footnotes of incisiveness and omniscient benchmarks from many years of objective and vicarious assessment from an outsider’s ardently Oscar-watching experiences perhaps culled from personal encounters with voters of the Academy, intensive and extensive research, interviews, surveys and pulse reading of Hollywood manner of unique choices.

Notably, he speaks with familiarity with Philippine cinema history of representation to AMPAS. #OpinYon #ePlus #Oscar

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Breastfeeding is ‘In’ in Baguio

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MANY mothers in urban areas still shy away from breastfeeding their babies in public, but mothers in Baguio City openly and proudly bared their breasts to feed their babies and toddlers as national breastfeeding awareness month came to a close.

Ladylin Abalos, 28 years old, was one of the 300 lactating mothers who openly breastfed her 3rd child, a 4 month-old baby.


“Lahat ng anak ko exclusive breastfeeding. Malayo sila madapuan ng sakit. Mas daig pa nito ang vitamins,” (All my children are exclusively breasfted. They don’t get sick often. Breastmilk is really healthier and better than vitamin supplements), said Abalos, adding that she no longer had to set aside money for infant formula.

The simultaneous breastfeeding event was held during the opening program of the DOH’s Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan: Kalusugan Pangkalahatan on Wheels (LBK-KP) health caravan, which made its 27th stop in Baguio City last August. #OpinYon #Lifestyle #Baguio


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by: Boboy Yonzon

I AM sleeping with a grandmother. That’s true for almost all married men who still go to bed with their wives. Ewww.

If we are to rate the desirability of a woman just by her looks, how should a grandma look like anyway?

Two Sex Symbols

In the past weeks, there have been strong trends in Internet search for Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch, two sex symbols in my youth who have remained objects – yes, let us admit, that’s the exact word to describe what these geriatric women are in the eyes of appreciating men – of not so decent desire.


Suddenly, sleeping with a grandmother doesn’t seem so bad. All a guy has to do is be flexible with his cutting edge.

Sophia of Italy was probably the woman who made me realize the sense of being male and that it was natural to have an erection when, as a pre-teen, I saw her in “The Boy on a Dolphin” in a double features show in Paco Theater, when that part of the Manila district still had traces of cobble-stoned streets. #OpinYon

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