Thoughts on Turning Five

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FOUR years ago, OpinYon started from the belief of a group of friends in media that there was need for a paper that will educate the people of economic impact of all the confused political issues.

Ray Junia, publisher of OpinYon met with political writers like Liggoy Alcuaz, Mentong Laurel and Erick San Juan to validate the findings that still there was very little attention given to eco-political issues and concerns. Mainstream media was very political. Economic concerns hardly get the attention of national media.


There was consensus that mainstream media was controlled by big money. And big money needs a controlled media to protect its stranglehold of the economy. Learning from the strategies of colonizers in the control of captured territories, the natives must be kept ignorant of their business interests, while entertained and their minds kept busy with issues of personalities in the entertainment world and politics.

Guts and Determination

Ray Junia, with very little capital, started the first issue of OpinYon in the last week of August, four years ago. Pure guts, strong determination to tell what the big money investors are hiding from the people, plus support of friends who contributed stories and their opinion to the paper for free, started OpinYon.

Starting on its fifth year, this week, the people behind OpinYon look forward to a more fruitful contribution to the economic uplift of the greater number of Filipinos. It will continue to provide stories that will politicize economic issues as well as provide economic perspective to political issues while serving as a reliable source of information in daily life and concerns.

At five, we will continue to take a stand for your rights.

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