PH Consulate General in Toronto Strengthens Economic Diplomacy

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THE Philippine Consulate General in Toronto actively pursued its economic diplomacy program as it welcomed a visiting delegation of Filipino businessmen from the Canadian Chamber (CANCHAM) of Commerce in the Philippines August 16.

Highlight of the visit was a multi-cultural and trade exhibit, “Filipinas Expo 2014” which was held in downtown Toronto’s Metro Convention Center.

Philippine Consul General Junever M. Mahilum-West informed the delegates of the growing relations between the Philippines and Canada in terms of people-to-people contacts, tourism and official exchanges in her welcoming remarks that kick-started CANCHAM’s week-long mission in Canada.

Mahilum-West said visits of trade missions such as CANCHAM’s offer valuable opportunities to grow trade and investment relations between the Philippines and Canada, for the mutual benefits of both countries.

Senator Tobias “Jun” Enverga, a keynote speaker, noted the huge potential in Canada-Philippines bilateral ties and called on the members of the trade delegation to generate more exchanges by making the unfamiliar Philippine market more familiar to Canadian business.

CANCHAM’s visit in Toronto which will also include the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Guelph aims to bring together and explore ways to further expand business, trade and investment in both Canada and the Philippines. Its first outbound mission to Canada includes business interests in agri-food business packaging/labeling/manufacturing, education and training, real estate and construction, immigration consultancy, travel and tourism.

Meanwhile, FILIPINAS EXPO 2014 saw the participation of more than a hundred exhibitors from Toronto’s multicultural groups which largely featured Philippine goods and services, food products, crafts and cuisine.

For its part, the Consulate General in Toronto used the occasion to disseminate information about its consular services that include overseas voters registration, during which occasion applications from eligible “walk-in” registrants were actively undertaken,  and dual citizenship as well as its “save the date” campaign on  “Winter Escapade”.

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