NAIA Terminals Gets ‘Boss’ Toilets

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PASSENGERS at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) can expect better comfort room facilities soon, as the rehabilitation of 121 toilets is set to be completed at Terminals 2, 3, and 4 under the “Kayo ang Boss Ko” or “KBK” Toilet Facilities Improvement Project by December this year.

This is part of the efforts of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to modernize the country’s primary gateway.

The P32.6-Million project includes the installation of major fixtures such as water closets, sensor-type urinals, lavatories, tiles, ceilings, and waterproofing works. As of early this month, around 15 percent of civil works have been completed.

For Terminal 2, a total of 26 toilet facilities are included for the rehabilitation. Based on an MIAA report, 16 comfort rooms located in the passenger movement area are now undergoing repairs. Out of 85 toilets at Terminal 3, 26 have begun rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of 10 toilets at Terminal 4 commences this month.

Meanwhile, as part of MIAA’s continuous effort to maintain and upgrade its facilities, 54 toilets at Terminal 1 were rehabilitated as early as 2010.


Air-condition Systems


The MIAA is also installing and replacing air-conditioning units at Terminals 1 and 2. All of the old 36 air handling units (AHUs) in Terminal 1 will be replaced with newly-procured units, 17 of which have been received by the airport authority for full installation by November this year. The remaining 19 AHUs will be functional by March 2015.

For Terminal 2, a total of 21 new air-conditioning units will be installed. Passengers can expect improved temperatures inside Terminal 2 by September, as nine (9) out of the 21 units will already be in place within the month.


Infra Upgrades


The NAIA Terminal 1 Rehabilitation Project, which involves structural retrofitting and other engineering works, is ongoing and scheduled to normalize operations by the end of February 2015.

Meanwhile, the NAIA Terminal 3 systems completion effort has already allowed full airport operations at the facility beginning this month. Five major international airlines are already transferring from Terminal 1, and will decongest the latter by 3.5 Million annual passengers once the ongoing transfers are completed by the middle of next month.

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