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Ronald Roy | Columnist 


To put it quite tritely: Laughter is the best medicine, very especially in these times when the ruling yellow heavyweights are punch-drunk with power and the flyweights like you and me are, again, struggling up to beat the count of ten. But we do not ask what miracle there is to turn around the one-sided slugfest, because LOL gives us renewed vigor and purpose — the imperative resilience — like I did when I received the following text.


Pedro: “Lahat ng mga politiko ay mga magnanakaw.”  Juan: “Hoy, dahandahan ka naman sa pananalita!   Nakakasakit ka ng damdamin!”  Pedro: “Bakit, politiko ka ba?” Juan:” Hinde, pwede ba!? Magnanakaw lang ako!” He he, ha ha, your choice but, whichever, it is our ethnic sense of humor that will get us back on our feet to put an end to Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll’s reign of terror. Hopefully.


The Palace’s chief occupant is so incredibly combative he has made clear in no uncertain terms that it is he, not the Supreme Court, who is the ultimate interpreter of the law, that ours is a government of men, not of laws, and that, with the support of his legislative lackeys, he will change the Constitution that was his mother’s legacy in order: one, to formally “restore the balance of power among the three branches of government by clipping the excesses of the high tribunal that has been usurping his executive powers and prerogatives” — HUH ??? — and two, to reset term limits in response to a public clamor for a second presidential term for the prematurely balding kid — HUH???


Of course, they are mulling over such other beguiling amendments relative to, for instance, the economy and foreign relations; but hey, these yellow stools must be taking us for idiots! Their palpable agenda is to change the basic charter in a way that will first: exculpate them from PDAF and DAP-related criminal and civil liabilities, and second: authorize their benefactor to stay in office until all his hair is gone — which could take forever.


People will howl but they can always argue it’s the people who’ll decide anyway, so why the paranoia?! They could really be convincing were it not for the fact that it is their vote-buying largess that gives them what they want, not to mention those PCOS machines that could magically pull off the results in their favor. Diyos ko po, ang kakapal naman!



But, is there anything new? These yellow stools will persist till hell freezes over, and only sovereign violence can stop them! Bakit sila ganyan, Sir Roy ? Simple lang, hija (Nora Ching): Sarap na sarap sila sa kapangyarihan, at sila lang ang marurunong! Pero, Sir, mayroon pa bang naniniwala sa kanila? Well, confident that Nora understands English, I reply as follows.


Randomly conducted radio interviews over the past weeks on the issue of presidential term extension show an overwhelming rejection of the Yellows’ agenda at the ratio of 674 to 89, with presidential-bailiwick Tarlac leading the deluge at 148 to 45 cum bad words. But, did these sycophants stop? Naaah. Just the same, Yellows led by Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice proceeded to initiate charter change moves in the Lower House, even in the face of the near impossibility of chacha happening for lack of material time, let alone the fact that the budget does not provide for it.


It was somewhat a breather, anyway, that Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and Senate President Franklin Drilon finally came out rejecting constitutional changes for term extensions, even if they were seen to have done so only after it became obvious the people would not stand for it. But I’m actually more convinced that these two yellow bootlickers spoke up after they were reportedly warned by a shadowy military group known as Young Officers Union (YOU) that hell would break loose if they pursued chacha.


According to the A-1 source, YOU’s message to the two was for them to “give it up, because in the Senate alone, a 3/4 vote (18 votes) would be impossible”. Well, I have done a little arithmetic on this, and this is the result: Voting against term extensions, particularly that for P-Noy, are 1.Juan Ponce Enrile, 2. Jinggoy Estrada, 3.Bong Revilla, 4.Tito Sotto, 5.Gringo Honasan, 6.Nancy Binay, 7.Bong Bong Marcos and 8.Miriam Defensor Santiago. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, there will be eight senators opposing term extensions, effectively reducing to sixteen, two short of the threshold eighteen votes that are needed to carry the proposal.


But then, anything is possible with people with jail terms staring them in the face. After P-Noy steps down from office, they will be held to account for the plunder of billions of pesos worth of people’s money. They are very desperate.


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