Budget Smartphones – Hit or Miss?

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By John Paolo J. Bencito

Smartphones nowadays no longer hold the face of being intimidating instruments or expensive toys teeming with superfluous features.

The advent of “budget smartphones” – compromised counterparts of high-end ones brings good news to the budget-conscious, tech-loving consumer as prices are coming down all the time.

Going back to compromise, is the hefty price tagreally worth-it of your hard-earned money? We have some reasons for you to think before crunching up your cash.


Ah yes. The obvious reason in purchasing a budget smartphone is the low cost that comes with features of a high-end one at a convenient and reasonable price is not a small thing.

Plus the fact thatit is cheaper to replace the parts. If there is some huge scratch on the screen, or on the rare, to change the battery, they all come handy at reasonable prices.

That is not the case with high-end smartphones. It will cost you a real good amount of money to change the spares parts of an extensive flagship smartphone.

Another amazing thing to note is that you will get almost all the features available in a high end smartphone in a budget smartphone. There is a trend prevailing right now that once a flagship phone releases with high end specs and sky high price tag, expect a Filipino or Chinese replica will be released soon with almost similar features and design, but with a stunningly lower price tag.

Didn’t we forget to mention that there won’t be emotional dilemmas once your smartphones go wary? Imagine breaking your iPhone screen or losing it to pickpockets in Divisoria, Recto or Cubao. Take in to consideration the huge fortune you spent on the high-priced smartphone, you are sure to lose the peace of mind.


Well, every good thing will have a darker side. Low budget smartphones are never an exception. No matter how hard you try to buy your budget phone with the best accessories in the market (flip covers, screen protectors, etc.), it will still lack the premium look of the high-end smartphone.

Some manufacturersmay still try to bring out the best from their design department, but as they have to keep the price in the border line, the cost of production would be forced to cut down. That will affect the look of the smartphone too.

Another concern for frequent users of these budget smartphones is the poor, crappy, underprivileged, deprived, pitiable memory and storage! Storage options will be far lower in low priced phones when compared with the high priced ones.

Apps and games will be suffering. If you are an ardent game player or an app lover, there are chances that the RAM of the low priced smartphones will surely freak your head out. Expect the frequent lags that rescinds the “smartphone experience”.

Low-priced smartphones are not meant for the future. One of the main advantages of a high end smartphone is that the features and technology incorporated in it would be the latest and it will be getting out dated very slowly.

Compared to this, the budget smartphones will be lacking the latest technology and so, will be getting outdated in a sooner pace.

Lastly, the after sales service for the budget friendly phones can be dissatisfying at times. You will not be treated as gently as your device is a cheaper one and the shop owners will not be getting that profit from it as with the expensive smartphones. There will and always be exceptional cases, of course.

The Verdict

If you do have the extra time to take hold of your precious cash, try to save up to get a smartphone of a reasonable price with above average features. Remember that your smart phone is an investment, and your enjoyment is a first.
Think well before you stash off that hard-earned cash. Whether it is low priced or expensive, the money is yours and the phone is yours and it should be suitable to you.

Before finalizing the decision, make sure that the phone you chose is the apt one for you. If there is something you want missing in the phone, don’t go for it.
There are a plenty of phones (local or foreign brands) available right out there with all the requirements. Just be a bit patient in purchasing.

Mr. Bencito is a graduating student of Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. He is currently an intern for OpinYon.


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