Angelo Casimiro: Young Engineer and Innovator

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Being entrepreneurial means being open to new ideas and having an eye for innovation. When it comes to teaching people how to be innovative, there is no better way than to start them young.

Angelo Casimiro looks like your typical 15-year-old high school student. He is very articulate, energetic, and bright-eyed when talking about his hobbies.

What makes him stand out is that at his age, he loves to tinker with electronics. His advanced skills are courtesy of his grandfather, who is also into electronics.

In his submission video for his project, the young inventor said that he had been making projects with his grandfather since he was four. He considers his grandfather his biggest inspiration.

When his beloved grandfather passed away recently, the young man continued making electronic projects in his honor.

Angelo became famous online because he invented a device that generates energy from your steps to make electricity to charge smartphones or any portable devices.

The young man sent his project, “Electricity-Generating Footwear,” to the 2014 Google Science Fair, a global online science and tech competition whose participants are students.

Angelo has a passion for renewable energy and he is always on the lookout for ways to harness alternative energy sources.

This young man is known for his ingenuity. He made an insole generator which he placed inside a pair of old sports shoes and connected the insole generator to the battery powerbank.

The shoe generates electricity from walking. The generator converts the kinetic energy from the shoe into electricity, which could then be used to charge a smartphone or smartwatch.

Angelo proudly exclaims that the project only cost him just Php304. He integrated recycled materials into his project.

“I plan to become an engineer someday and work for a company who innovates new products. Most of my projects focus on electronics, woodworking, and robotics.”

Aside from inventing, Angelo does tutorials and write-ups on his projects, and he publishes them on DIY websites. He has also won in robotics competitions in the past.

Speaking of his invention, the young man says that playing basketball for two straight hours could charge a cell phone battery sufficient to provide 10 minutes of power.

To those who worry that the special shoe will feel bulky, Angelo assures people that the insole generator is comfortable, due to the soft foam that he used.

One admirable trait that this young man possesses is that he is diligent. There are people online who told the young man that his invention has already been done, but Angelo is unfazed.

He knows that his invention is unique because he is the one who designed and built it.

He believes in his capability to exceed expectations. In fact, his personal motto is ‘innovation beyond expectation.”

Angelo will soon compete in Beijing for the upcoming International Robotics Olympiad on December 2014.

Asked by foreign press about what else motivates him, Angelo has a deeper and more noble aspiration. He admires social entrepreneurs who use innovations to uplift the poor.

He tells them, “I’m a Filipino. I live in the Philippines. And just by looking around my surroundings, I can see that a lot of people are suffering from poverty. A simple source of light is a big deal for people who don’t have electricity.”


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