“Let It Go” Singer’s Ex-Hubby Is Serial Womanizer

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Idina Menzel, the voice behind the hit song ‘Let It Go’ (from the Disney film ‘Frozen’), says very little about the reason for her divorce with ex-husband Taye Diggs. Diggs is also an entertainer and ‘Rent’ colleague of Menzel’s. The pair divorced last December 2013, after 10 years of marriage. They have a son named Walker.

Hollywood sources say that Diggs possibly cheated on the singer-actress. The same year before the divorce, he was seen being overly affectionate with a comely brunette at the Emerson Nightclub in Hollywood. The source chose to remain anonymous after the reveal to US entertainment magazine Star.

Another source, a clubgoer, indicated that Diggs was “hanging all over the woman at a private table.”The magazine asked the witness to go through a lie-detector test, which the said witness passed. The witness adds, “He led her upstairs to the back of the club, and they began making out behind a pillar. They were basically dry humping.”

Very recently, the similar sources allege that Menzel’s ex-husband was engaging in a series of flirtatious encounters at an event at The Colony Night Club in Hollywood. One source even described Diggs“acting like a bachelor”.

A female source validated the said reports by recounting an incident where she witnessed Diggs  flirting with women in May 2011 at Voyeur Club. According to her, “He was on a mission to get a bunch of hot girls.”

Still, most interviews find the award-winning singer-actress speaking in generalities about her past relationship with Diggs. “We met when we were 25 in ‘Rent’. So, we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and we’ve worked really hard for a long time,” Menzel says. “I just think we’ve grown apart, grown up, grown to a place where we think maybe we can learn new things about ourselves, going on our own separate ways,” she adds.

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