Creepy Staten Island Clown Spotted Around Borough, Spooks Residents

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First seen about two weeks ago, the clown stands idly on the street — day and night — holding balloons and waving to petrified passersby. The sightings could be a viral ploy by local horror film company, Fuzz on the Lens Productions.

Forget a zombie invasion — it’s a creepy clown who is the real threat to New York City.

A yellow-clad jester with ruffled top and painted face has terrorized residents of Staten Island — day and night — while walking down the street, holding a bouquet of balloons and waving at petrified people.

The borough’s version of Stephen King’s Pennywise character has freaked out social media users, like Robert Privitera, who snapped a pic of the creep roaming last week.

“Guess who’s not sleeping tonight!” he tweeted alongside a picture of the character standing sketchily next to a concrete column.

“Bro I did a double take,” he added, “my heart stopped.”

Comedian Vic Dibitetto spotted the Staten Island clown March 17 while he drove down Richmond Ave. in Bulls Head.

The “It”-like character has been sighted several times all over the island, the Staten Island Advance reported, near the Grasmere and Richmond Valley train stations and along Richmond Ave. in Bulls Head.

Another picture shows the bald-headed bozo creeping behind a tree, while he waves at a motorist from beside a street sign in yet another.

“He was just kinda standing there waving like he is in the picture,” Vincent Innocente told the Advance of the “very bizarre” encounter Sunday evening.

The clown sightings could be a ploy for a Staten Island film company, Fuzz on the Lens Productions. Michael Leavy, a director, actor and editor for the company, which produces horror films, posted one of the clown pics on his Instagram page.

And Vic Dibitetto, a local comedian, posted of video after he saw the clown on Richmond Ave. in Bulls Head. Dibitetto has appeared in at least one of Fuzz on the Lens’s films – and was hyping up the viral coverage on his Facebook page late Monday evening.

‘AND THE HITS JUST KEEP COMING!!!!!” he posted around 9:30 p.m. “I’ll be on Ch 4 11pm News tonight also….yep, u guessed it….an interview ‘bout the Staten Island Clown!!!!!”

Dibitetto posted his 30 second clip of the clown March 17 – one week after Leavy first posted a picture of the clown to his Instagram page. The two are also in a picture together, posted last month on the production company’s Facebook page.

Fuzz on the Lens Productions did not immediately return a Daily News request for comment.

Last year, northwest England was plagued with disturbing reports — at least 19 — of people being chased by pranksters dressed in similar clown outfits. (Sasha Goldstein/NYDailyNews)

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