MArketing With A Purpose : 10 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Brand Relevant

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by: Amor Maclang

THE true value of a land or a property—whether it sells for P1,000 or P10,000 per sq m—is largely dependent on the kind of perception it has earned from the market.

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For example, the price of an idle piece of land in the middle of a random province might be relatively low. However, conditioning the mindset of the market by communicating the idea of a future city to be built on that area will likely result in an increase in property values many times more than what it actually was, despite the fact that it will still remain as is for years to come.

The preferences of different market segments have changed drastically over time. The emergence of the Internet, social media and other channels that help consumers develop opinions now requires varying marketing approaches from developers. #OpinYon #RealEstate #LifeStyle

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